With the wine shop we continue a good tradition in the old house. Yes, in fact the wine shop is older than the hotel. Already in 1825, the honorary citizen of Horsens, Kjeld Thomasen Kjeldsen, ran a wine shop in the Lichtenberg Palace. Later, the brothers Evald and Peter B. L. Eyde took over the wine trade. The restaurant where the barrels were located is now named after them. Peter Eyde handed over the company to his co-consul Fogh Nielsen, who like himself, had built up a great love and knowledge of wine during his many years abroad.
The story, passion for wine and the good hospitality continue in the wine bar, where you can enjoy a glass of wine, some good charcuterie and find the perfect bottles for a dinner, a good time at home or a gift.


The wine shop holds wines from wine merchant Otto Suenson, from where you have the opportunity to buy wines to take home. 
Wines for everyday life, weekends and special occasions. Our wine range is wide and so are our prices.

Our talented staff makes a virtue of providing the best service and advising you on wine, liquor and other exciting delicacies. Our staff are happy to help with larger purchases for your party or just a bottle of good wine for the weekend to enjoy.